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Third Thursday Colloquy #019


This colloquy we had AR & VR Demos, a live performance, and DJs.

09-16-2017 5:00 pm Carbon Space


Our colloquy series continues with SEE, a demo event, discussion and after-party about the sense of sight and our visually-driven culture, on Saturday September 16th at 5PM.

As we wrap up our focus on the senses, we look to the sense of sight and our visually-driven culture. How do we interact with images on a daily basis, and how is that interaction changing as technology changes?

To make this event extra special we’ve curated an evening of programming featuring AR/VR demos and an installation performance! And stick around after the conversation for drinks, more time with our guests and a surprise musical guest!


Aaron Axelrod (Artist, Multi-Media creator)
Aron Hjartarson (Creative Director)
Chloe LeGendre (Visual Computing Scientist)
Lucas Magasweran (AR engineer)
Peter Mark (Performance artist)
Cam Setzer (VR Content creator)
Fabien Soudiere (VR Producer, Sound Engineer)

  • Carbon Space

    2425 Glover Place, L A, CA 90031, United States

  • Location