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We are RAD.

RAD is a community group working to put on interesting, engaging, and interactive events around Los Angeles.

Our focus is creating spaces for like-minded individuals to come together, share knowledge, discuss issues, and grow together. Every few months we change the topical focus of our events to allow for exploration of new ideas, trends, and issues that are relevant to our community.

  • Our Mission

    Knowledge. Community. Creativity.

    We believe in the power of communal experiences that exist outside cultural identifiers, political affiliations, or modes of segregation.

    We seek to create spaces, moments, and experiences that allow for introspection and connection as a means to inspire the personal growths/connections that will reverberate throughout our community (and beyond).

    While we believe that the personal is political, we aim to create communal moments that let us step outside the identity/state politics du jour, and come together for the sake of being together and supporting one another – sometimes it’s just that simple.

  • Our Events

    Communal Experiences & Conversation.

    To create experiences and engage our community, we have crafted a few different series of events – each has a slightly different aim and practice, but the shared goal of each is to create communal experiences that live on well beyond the events themselves.

    Learn more about our events below – get inspired, and join us! We host events at least once a month and always have sweet & crunchy treats, cold drinks and open minds. We do ask for a sliding scale donation for every event, whatever you can give back to support us and the spaces/people who help us.

    • Third Thursday Colloquy

      A monthly conversation series, each with a specific topic and cohort of knowledgeable guests. The events feature an open Q&A format with a strong focus on conversation, exploration, and questioning of assumptions.

    • STFU

      A music-oriented experience where we come together to “Shut The Fuck Up” and listen to an album. We take about one hour to silently enjoy a curated music selection, giving us space to enjoy, experience the music, and think - like the olden days!

    • When Was The Apocalypse?

      Our film screening series focuses on movies with a post-apocalyptic narrative. Post-film conversations revolve around how the end of the world is represented and its relevance to our current experience.


    Support In Spades

    Our Community is Incredible.

    Since we began RAD, we’ve had the extreme pleasure of support from diverse and amazing people. We couldn’t do even a fraction of what we’ve done if it weren’t for the support of these community members:

    RAD Guests

    Those who have shared their expertise & training with our community.

    • Ileana Mar
    • Jessica Raygoza
    • Monica Espinasse
    • Blake Conway
    • Aaron Axelrod
    • Aron Hjartarson
    • Chloe LeGendre
    • Lucas Magasweran
    • Peter Mark
    • Cam Setzer
    • Fabien Soudiere
    • Brie Mills
    • Adriana Rizzolo
    • Ila Erickson
    • Samantha Blake Goodman
    • Alexis d'Angelo
    • Courtney Freeman
    • Michael Anthony
    • Ally Rael
    • Erin Rosko
    • Ivan Marquez
    • Natalie Compton
    • Christina Chu
    • Mark Faicol
    • Dan Suett
    • John Schmidt
    • Janalyn Li Steele
    • Katie Greenway
    • Renee Choi
    • Arye Lipman
    • Daniel Lucas
    • Eileen Ellis
    • Truyen Dang
    • Tara Lemasters
    • Yana Tutunik
    • Rajima Danish
    • Sravan Kakani
    • Neil O'Brien
    • Diego Ploper
    • Cory Tobin
    • Dan Wright
    • Melissa Hoang
    • Ollie Savage
    • Brian Pace
    • Christopher Miller
    • Sinae Park
    • Ian McClellan
    • Ila Erickson
    • Matt Nava
    • Autumn Lee Furnish
    • Emma Cunningham
    • Kim Schoen
    • Kevin Broderick
    • Mirko Antich
    • Patrick Martinez
    • David Meisenholder
    • Andrew Truong
    • Sean Tully
    • Francie Diep
    • Patrick Pattamanuch
    • Chris Roth
    • Jim Denman

      RAD Angels

    • Andrew Lichtman
    • Joana Que
    • Andy Navarette
    • Chris Liem

  • Who We Are

    Writers, Designers & Scientists.

    RAD was conceived by three friends living in Los Angeles who realized they wanted a way to better get to know their friends & peers: What are their hidden hobbies and desires? What are they deeply passionate about? What is their day-to-day at work like? What existential struggles do they face?

    After many conversations, Arye Lipman, Renee Choi, and Daniel Lucas decided to officially begin RAD as a way to investigate the world around them, and give space for others to do the same. With backgrounds in art/design, science, technology and writing – we work to bridge the gaps between these divergent (yet complimentary) fields, creating events that seek to engage the analytical and creative aspects within all of us.

    • Renee Choi

      Renee Choi is a nerd who wants to know everything. She works as an Instructional Designer and Science Editor and is based in Los Angeles, but tries to live everywhere.

    • Arye Lipman

      Arye is a lapsed scientist with a background in molecular biology and protein engineering. He now works to build bridges between life sciences technology and the people who fund, buy, and use it. He also has a passion for futurism, chemicals, art (as long as it’s good), music (ditto), languages, and ocean related endeavors. He once met a divine spirit on a mountain in Malaysia.

    • Daniel Lucas

      Daniel is a designer and interactive developer, working on bespoke solutions for creative clients. An avid bike rider and music collector, he’s also interested in mixed-media art, plant medicine, and droning on about capitalism and culture. He’s currently romping around the earth on a “vision quest”, but his heart remains in L dot A dot.